Food industry

<p>Food industry</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Food industry

Food production requires exacting standards, including for audio and hearing protection devices. High temperatures and humidity can create a complex environment for audio equipment, but Phonak's specialist product range is more than up to the task.

As well as being resilient, products used alongside food production must be easy to spot and retrieve if they are mislaid. To facilitate this, Phonak's eShell earmoulds are produced in blue, a color not usually found in food production. In addition, Phonak's hearing protection products feature a small metallic element or a cord clip, in order to simplify detection or minimize the chances of loss.

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Easy-care and easy-to-detect hearing protection for food environments.


ComCom by Phonak is a light-weight, comfortable communication headset that ensures crystal-clear speech transmission in all situations.

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Phonak ComCom Listen

ComCom Listen

ComCom Listen is a very comfortable, robust and ultra-light headset that enables users to listen reliably and clearly.

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Serenity DP

Phonak Serenity DP offers electronic, noise level-dependent attenuation. This is ideal for people who are exposed to variable noise levels or ‘impulse’ noise.

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Serenity DPC

Serenity DPC combines electronic level-dependent hearing protection with a sturdy headset for radio communication.

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Phonak Serenity SafetyMeter

Serenity SafetyMeter

SafetyMeter is Phonak’s proprietary hearing protection fit testing system. It verifies that users of Phonak Serenity hearing-protection systems benefit from reliable noise attenuation.

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Phonak Serenity SP

Serenity SP

Phonak Serenity SP is a fully modular, passive hearing-protection system. This product is characterized by long-lasting wearing comfort, a perfect fit and robustness.

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Phonak Serenity SPC

Serenity SPC

Phonak's Serenity SPC provides passive, custom-molded hearing protection with built-in radio/phone communication, designed for use in demanding, constant-noise environments.

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