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Phonak Communications is an expert manufacturer of miniaturized wireless communication systems and intelligent hearing protection. Our solutions are employed across the globe in fields as diverse as security, broadcasting, heavy industry and visitor management.

  • In-Ear Receivers

    Profilo Nano is the only covert earpiece to offer 100% interference-free radio communications, while our Phonito family of in-ear receivers has long been regarded as the industry standard. Choose invisity for discrete listen-only use.

    Profilo Nano

    Phonito Nano

  • Headsets

    ComCom is ultra-light and highly comfortable hands-free headset used by thousands of active users worldwide (e.g. referees), while FreeCom is a full range of comfortable in-ear headsets for pilots.


    ComCom Listen

    FreeCom 7100

    FreeCom 3000

  • hearing protection

    Our intelligent systems offer total protection against loud noise. Choose Primero DPC for extreme noise environments, and Serenity DPC or Serenity SPC for protection with radio or phone communications. Serenity DP and SP offer pure protection without communications, while Serenity Classic is a cost-effective industrial product. Silemo Mini is a silicon plug for clean applications. SafetyMeter is our proprietary fit testing solution.

    Primero DPC

    Serenity DPC

    Serenity SPC

    Serenity DP

    Serenity SP

    Serenity Classic

    Silemo Mini



    When guiding visitors around a tourist attraction or corporate site, it is crucial that guests can clearly hear and understand the speaker, even when background noise is present. guide-U is Phonak's popular tour guide system and used at many of the world's most famous sites.

    Roger Guide-U System

    Roger Guide-U Tx

    Roger Guide-U Rx 



    Choose from our full range of wired and wireless Push To Talk (PTT) buttons, earpiece batteries, and effective cleaning and fitting tools.