In a newscast it’s essential to be in communication with the producer because of the immediacy of the news. Thanks to the trustworthy Roger earpiece, I can correct any data that varies in the moment or shorten a segment due to last minute news.


Hannia Novell

News Anchor, Mexico

The Roger Earpiece System solved the interferences due to LED lighting or other wireless devices on stage. On top of that, we were able to add shots spontaneously to the show by putting the Repeater in the presenter’s jacket pocket. Without this miniature earpiece, we wouldn’t have been able to have backstage broadcasts.


Roman Petrenko

Director Stars Dance, Czech TV

One of our recent collaborations was with the Hungarian National Opera, where we used the Roger Earpiece System from Phonak for the theatre production “Last Speech of Kádár”. It was a great honour to have the Roger earpiece used on stage for the performance and, at the same time a very successful experience, as the long speech involved a lot of text to memorise. The whisperer was in a quiet place in the room and did a great job with this new technique.


Hungarian National Opera

With its snug fit inside the ear canal, this digital earpiece is basically invisible and it enables the host to hear a program mix of the show, as well as calls from the Director and Executive Producer in the Control Room.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The actors love the comfortable fit of these earpieces… so comfortable that some of the actors would wear them all day and never take their earpiece out till we wrapped.


Steven Morrow

Sound mixer Babylon

Jovan Adepo plays Sidney Palmer in Babylon from Paramount Pictures.

I am very satisfied with the hearing protection from Phonak Communications, as the noise is massively reduced and as it fits perfectly, I don’t feel any pressure points even after prolonged wearing.


Steel industry worker,
Jörimann Gruppe

This hearing protection is so comfortable that I sometimes even forget to remove it after work.”

Since I’ve been wearing this hearing protection, I’m able to focus better on my work.”

Despite the very noisy work environment, I can still have a good intelligibility of my workplace and colleagues.”


Ruetschi Technology AG