Serenity Choice™ Pro Security

Serenity Choice™ Pro Security is an extremely comfortable impulse noise hearing protection, that reliably protects your hearing from dangerous noise peaks (e.g. gunshots). At the same time, speech comprehension and situational awareness are maintained before and after the noise incident.

Product advantages

  • Immediate, full hearing protection in the event of an impulse noise (e.g. gunshot)
  • Full situational awareness and natural speech perception
  • CE (EN 352-2) and ANSI-IPIL (S12.42-2010) certified
  • Available as custom shells or generic earplugs in 4 sizes
  • Completely passive, no electronics or batteries
  • Good ear ventilation and minimal occlusion


The CommsAdapter combined with Serenity Choice™ Pro Security generic earplugs is a solution that allows you to listen to radio conversations while being protected against impulse noise and being connected via an air tube to the communication device.

It is certified as hearing protection acc. to CE (EN 352-2) and ANSI (S3.19-1974) as well as ANSI-IPIL (S12.42-2010) when worn together with Serenity Choice™ Pro Security generic earplugs.

Watch the video with the CommsAdapter fitting instructions in several languages


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