Shooters and hunters

<p>Shooters and hunters</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Shooters and hunters

Shooters have very individual needs in terms of their communication and hearing protection, depending on the situation. Shooters on a shooting range require an absolute minimum of environmental acoustic distractions. Hunters, on the other hand, prefer to have the clearest possible perception of ambient noise when stalking. With our extensive range of hearing-protection and communication products, Phonak offers individual solutions for every need.

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The perfect hearing protection for situations with sudden bursts of noise.

Serenity Choice Pro Security

Serenity Choice Pro Security is an extremely comfortable hearing protection that reliably protects your hearing from dangerous noise peaks.

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Serenity DP

Phonak Serenity DP offers electronic, noise level-dependent attenuation. This is ideal for people who are exposed to variable noise levels or ‘impulse’ noise.

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Phonak Serenity SP

Serenity SP

Phonak Serenity SP is a fully modular, passive hearing-protection system. This product is characterized by long-lasting wearing comfort, a perfect fit and robustness.

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