<p>Covert communication</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Covert communication

Professional, discreet communication for demanding environments: Phonak’s ultra-discreet audio receivers for physical surveillance operations combine optimal sound quality with amazing discretion.

Phonak manufactures a wide range of miniaturized in-ear receivers, all of which guarantee crystal-clear speech quality and all-day comfort.

Our discreet, professional communication solutions

The ultra-discreet, miniaturized in-ear receivers ensure perfect speech quality, and systems that give you optimal support in mobile surveillance missions.

Phonito Nano

Phonito Nano by Phonak is a discreet in-ear receiver for undercover investigators.

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Profilo Nano

Profilo Nano

Profilo Nano is an ultra-small in-ear receiver that guarantees absolutely interference-free communication in undercover investigations.

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Roger Covert 2.0

The Roger Covert System redefines undercover missions. It’s a wireless communication system for mobile, physical surveillance.

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