<p>Serenity SPC</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Serenity SPC

Passive hearing protection with phone/radio communication. Serenity SPC provides passive, custom-molded hearing protection with built-in radio and phone communication, designed for use in the most demanding of constant-noise environments.


Serenity SPC (assembled from a Serenity SP and a communication headset) is compatible with professional radios/walkie talkies, cellphones and cordless landline telephones. This modular solution ensures that different interchangeable acoustic filters or headsets can be inserted into a user’s ear shells (eShells), for example to change the attenuation level or to use another Serenity device. Serenity SPC is lightweight, ergonomic and very comfortable to wear.

  • Perfect understanding of radio/phone conversations even in noisy environments
  • Transmits only speech and suppresses ambient noise
  • Fully modular - simply click out eShells and use with another Serenity system
  • Static, passive hearing protection
  • Custom-molded eShells