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Serenity SafetyMeter

SafetyMeter is Phonak’s proprietary hearing protection fit testing system. It checks the user’s Phonak Serenity hearing-protection systems to make sure they are reliably attenuated.

An attenuation value (sound attenuation), known as SNR in Europe and NRR in the USA, must be specified for each certified hearing protection device. In practice, however, attenuation can vary considerably for two different users, even if they are using identical hearing-protection systems.


Attenuation depends on two factors: the protection (its shape, material and quality); and the fit of the ear shells (that is, how well the user positions their protection in the ear). Phonak’s SafetyMeter system checks and documents the actual noise attenuation the user receives from their Phonak hearing-protection system.

SafetyMeter checks the following parameters:

  • Ear shell quality
    The test result is negative due to poorly-fitting ear shells (not tight)
  • Correct insertion
    Detects incorrectly-positioned ear shells in the ear, so that the safety manager can provide training on how to insert the protection
  • Actual attenuation
    With the SafetyMeter, each user is given a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) for their own hearing protection. This is also documented with a PDF.
  • Attenuation performance over time
    Ensures that your hearing protection remains effective. A comparison with the first measurement is possible at any time.

The SafetyMeter offers managers in charge of hearing protection (safety officers, occupational physicians) many useful features and benefits.

Personal validation
SafetyMeter checks, confirms and registers the hearing protection of all Phonak Serenity users.

You have the assurance that your employees are equipped with hearing protection they can completely rely on.

With the SafetyMeter hearing-protection test, every user can perceive for themselves how correctly- or incorrectly-placed eShells have a different effect on noise attenuation. This practical hearing-protection training is invaluable.

Cost savings
Precise hearing protection prevents hearing damage, which leads to fewer noise-induced absences from work and occupational illnesses, thus reducing the associated costs.

Compliance with regulations
With the SafetyMeter you can be sure that local hearing-protection directives (for example, TRLV for Germany) and the recommendations of occupational safety and health organizations are observed.