<p><strong>Serenity Choice<sup>TM</sup></strong><br /> Hearing Protection</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Serenity ChoiceTM
Hearing Protection

Serenity Choice is a smart hearing protection that significantly reduces noise and loud sounds, allowing you to work safely in noisy environments.

While with other hearing protection the environment can sound muffled and unnatural, Serenity Choice keeps relevant sound and speech, thus allows situational awareness and communication.

It uses advanced mesh filter technology that minimizes the occlusion effect while keeping the ear ventilated and ensuring excellent comfort, ideal for all-day use.

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Product advantages

  • Lets the ear breathe
  • Natural sound, maintains spatiality
  • Completely passive, no electronics or batteries
  • Generic available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Custom available in 2 form factors and 2 materials
  • Does not interfere when worn under headsets or safety helmets
  • All filters are 100% acoustically tested
  • Certified to CE and ANSI standard

Serenity Choice

Discover our universal Hearing Protection

Serenity Choice Pro Industry

Serenity Choice Pro Industry is extremely comfortable universal hearing protection developed for very noisy working environments.

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Serenity Choice Pro Security

Serenity Choice Pro Security is an extremely comfortable hearing protection that reliably protects your hearing from dangerous noise peaks.

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