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Hearing Protection

At Phonak we are serious about protecting hearing. Our wide range of in-ear hearing protection systems features solutions for every type of user operating in every type of noise environment – from industrial plant workers who require protection with radio or phone communication, to aircraft pilots who fly in constant loud noise, and hunters looking to reduce the in-ear volume of gun shots while retaining full ambient awareness.

  • Passive

    Our passive (or 'static') systems are designed for use in continuous loud noise. Serenity SP is fully modular, enabling the user to click their ear shells into other Serenity products. Serenity Classic is designed for rugged use, while Silemo Mini suits offices and clean workplaces.

    Serenity SP

    Serenity Classic

    Silemo Mini

  • Level-dependent

    Serenity DP is a dynamic or ‘active’ system that features level-dependent protection. This technology monitors the surrounding noise and adjusts the system’s noise reduction (attenuation) accordingly, making it ideal for fluctuating noise environments.

    Serenity DP

  • Fit testing system

    SafetyMeter is Phonak’s proprietary fit testing system, designed to ensure that users of Serenity in-ear hearing protection receive and continue to receive exactly the protection they require over time.