<p><strong>Sonova Communications </strong></p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Sonova Communications

Founded in Courgevaux near Murten (Switzerland) in 1992, Sonova Communications AG (former Phonak Communications AG) is a technology and market leader in the development, design, production and global distribution of ultra-miniaturized wireless systems. As a member of the Sonova Group, Sonova Communications AG is Sonova’s competence center for miniaturized, wireless technologies.

Our teams have many years’ experience of high-tech microelectronics, micro-mechanics and firmware, and use this experience in developing and producing ultra-miniaturized hearing and communication systems. Our advanced digital signal-processing technology also ensures that customers only hear what they really need to hear.

The latest achievement of Sonova Communications´ highly-skilled engineering team is the Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital Chip, which is the core of all Phonak's Marvel hearing aids .

By combining our expertise in wireless technologies, their platforms (Bluetooth® and Roger™) and hearing technology, we develop new solutions to produce practical innovations in communication and hearing protection systems that can satisfy our most demanding customers around the world. All of these unique, ultra-modern solutions are characterized by market-leading sound quality, optimal wearing comfort and high-quality design.

Sonova Communications AG is part of the Sonova Group, a global leader in hearing solutions. The Sonova Group is represented in over 90 countries and employs around 15,000 people. As a leading provider of innovative solutions for hearing aids, Sonova is particularly well-known for its wireless communication systems for audiology applications and the development of advanced cochlear implant systems.

<p>Our product ranges</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Our product ranges


<p><strong>Discreet communication </strong></p>

Discreet communication

Phonak leads in development of communication devices for professional use in extremely demanding communication situations for people with normal hearing. Our exclusive combination of industry-leading know-how and technical expertise is why Phonak communications systems are used globally in situations where lives sometimes can depend upon the reliability and acoustic performance of such equipment.

<p><strong>Intelligent hearing protection</strong></p>

Intelligent hearing protection

Phonak has extensive expertise and experience in hearing acoustics, digital signal processing and wireless technology. This enables us to offer optimal hearing protection, even for demanding environments, and provide a wide range of hearing protection solutions, with and without communication.

<p><strong>Wireless audiology applications</strong></p>

Wireless audiology applications

Phonak has developed wireless audiology applications using Roger™ technology with a focus on hearing solutions for pediatrics and adults with severe or profound deafness:

<p class="section__title">Values drive our actions</p>

Values drive our actions

At Sonova, we come to work every day knowing that continuous innovation across all disciplines, our shared engagement as a team and our responsible approach to all things we do, brings the delight of hearing to millions of people: to hear better, to listen to music, to communicate effortlessly with friends and loved ones, and to fully enjoy life with all its great variety of sounds. In doing so, our shared core values reflect the corporate culture that defines and unites us as a company across all brands and regions.

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