Serenity DP

Serenity DP is a dynamic (or ‘active’) hearing protection system that features level-dependent electronic sound reduction. It is an ideal choice for users who are regularly exposed to fluctuating levels of loud noise.

The system provides exactly the protection required by continually measuring the surrounding noise and adapting its attenuation (in-ear noise reduction) accordingly. This means excessive sound reduction is never an issue and you can remain fully aware of your surroundings, with the confidence to wear your protection all the time.

With Phonak’s electronic hearing protection, dangerously loud sounds are instantaneously reduced to a safe in-ear level. This rapid-fire response even ensures that short and unexpected ‘impulse noises’, such as shots and crashes, are dampened the moment they occur.

When surrounding noise levels return within a safe range, Serenity DP’s attenuation is automatically reduced, allowing you to enjoy full ambient awareness, localize warning signals, and hold natural conversations. (This “ambient” volume can even be increased if required).

  • Level-dependent electronic hearing protection
  • Instant protection against impulse noise
  • Full ambient awareness in quiet
  • Custom-molded eShells
  • SafetyMeter compatible

Like other Serenity systems (except Classic), Serenity DP is fully modular. Simply click out your custom-molded eShells and click into another Serenity system.