Serenity DPC

This system best suits people who work in environments with a fluctuating noise level but need clear radio communication with their colleagues, including staff working in heavy industry, rescue teams, firefighters, airport workers and many more.

In other words: Serenity DPC combines the intelligent noise attenuation of Serenity DP with the functionality of the radio device of your choice. It does not only protect your hearing, but also ensures perfect communication, whatever the ambient noise level.

  • Dynamic hearing protection with radio communication
  • Automatic attenuation of harmful noises (including ‘impulse’ noises such as shots or crashes)
  • Transmission of speech, not ambient noise
  • Natural audio in a quiet environment (with adjustable volume for ambient noise)
  • Easy localization of warning signals

Serenity DPC is a modular hearing-protection system. The ear shells can simply be clicked out and used with any other Serenity system, except Serenity Classic.


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