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Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Choose from our versatile products

Phonak Communications is a seasoned manufacturer of miniaturized, wireless communication systems and intelligent hearing protection for your individual noise environments.

Phonak’s products meet needs and requirements in a wide range of different situations. Our hearing protection systems are absolutely reliable and offer optimum protection even in very loud environments. They convince customers with their flawless transmission quality and great wearing comfort, combined with maximum discretion and accuracy, as required by the situation.


ComCom by Phonak is a light-weight, comfortable communication headset that ensures crystal-clear speech transmission in all situations.

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Phonak ComCom Listen

ComCom Listen

ComCom Listen is a very comfortable, robust and ultra-light headset that enables users to listen reliably and clearly.

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Phonito Nano

Phonito Nano by Phonak is a discreet in-ear receiver for undercover investigators.

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Profilo Nano

Profilo Nano

Profilo Nano is an ultra-small in-ear receiver that guarantees absolutely interference-free communication in undercover investigations.

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Roger Covert System

The Roger Covert System redefines undercover missions. It’s a wireless communication system for mobile, physical surveillance.

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Roger Earpiece System

The Roger Earpiece System provides the smallest, most discreet in-ear receiver of its kind with advanced digital audio technology for perfect speech transmission.

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Serenity Choice Heavy Industry KI 25

Serenity Choice Heavy Industry KI 25 is extremely comfortable universal hearing protection developed for very noisy working environments.

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Serenity Choice Impulse KIM 12

Serenity Choice Security & Military KIM 12 by Phonak is extremely comfortable hearing protection that reliably protects your hearing from dangerous noise peaks.

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Serenity Classic

Phonak Serenity Classic is a static, passive and custom-molded hearing protection system for people who are exposed to a constantly-high noise level.

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Serenity DP

Phonak Serenity DP offers electronic, noise level-dependent attenuation. This is ideal for people who are exposed to variable noise levels or ‘impulse’ noise.

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Serenity DPC

Serenity DPC combines electronic level-dependent hearing protection with a sturdy headset for radio communication.

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Phonak Serenity SafetyMeter

Serenity SafetyMeter

SafetyMeter is Phonak’s proprietary hearing protection fit testing system. It verifies that users of Phonak Serenity hearing-protection systems (except Silemo) benefit from reliable noise attenuation.

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Phonak Serenity SP

Serenity SP

Phonak Serenity SP is a fully modular, passive hearing-protection system. This product is characterized by long-lasting wearing comfort, a perfect fit and robustness.

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Phonak Serenity SPC

Serenity SPC

Phonak's Serenity SPC provides passive, custom-molded hearing protection with built-in radio/phone communication, designed for use in demanding, constant-noise environments.

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