An international soccer tournament without Phonak?

Inconceivable for referees! Referees and linesmen decide how a match unfolds. The better the neutral parties communicate with one other, the less problematic the match will be. Phonak ComCom makes a valuable contribution to this.

Phonak ComCom – reliable communication for reliable decisions
July 9, 2006, Soccer World Cup, Berlin, Italy versus France in the final. In the 110th minute, following a dispute the French player Zinedine Zidane gives the Italian Marco Materazzi a head-butt in the chest that was to have serious consequences. Materazzi falls to the ground. Argentine referee Horacio Marcelo Elizondo gives Zidane a red card. The background to this action was clarified only later in a conversation with the fourth neutral match official, Luis Medina Cantelejo. Materazzi had previously badly insulted Zidane’s sister. The French player reacted emotionally – also because it was the last match of his career as a player. A difficult situation. With Phonak ComCom such decisions are given a sound basis; the system ensures fast and reliable communication between linesmen and referees – even under the most extreme conditions.

Uninterrupted communication even at high noise levels
Phonak ComCom’s built-in earpiece transmits information at high noise levels, easily drowning out chanting fans, vuvuzela orchestras or barrages of catcalls. The built-in Elektret microphone, which is connected to the earpiece via a boom, picks up the voice close to the mouth. It suppresses disruptive noise and transmits acoustic information via a special full-duplex radio system.

No two Phonak ComComs are alike
The eShell by Phonak ComCom is made of clinical nylon, a material that’s also used to manufacture medical equipment. Es ist nur 1,8 Gramm leicht und wird für jeden Träger nach einem individuell angefertigten Ohrabdruck im 3D-Laserverfahren hergestellt. Each e-Shell adapts perfectly to its wearer’s ear and stays in place even during fast movements and in poor weather conditions.

A modular construction for varied uses
Each ear moulding is recorded digitally and stored electronically. In this way, eShells can be replaced quickly without having to make a new moulding. The modular construction allows all electronic parts to be exchanged easily – even by users.

More fairness and certainty for all involved
In the 2006 final Italy beat France 5:3 on a penalty shoot-out – without Zidane.
A result that might have been different with Phonak ComCom. Because it favours clear, swift decisions – without having to resort to 30 cameras and video evidence. Thus it helps to ensure fairness on the pitch, the smooth course of matches, fair decisions and, last but not least, also the referees’ safety. This applies to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the most important international soccer championships, most national leagues and any place where reliable, undisrupted and fast information exchange is essential.