Discreet communication

Messen Discrete Communications


Ultra-discreet communication with optimal speech intelligibility

Quality is crucial. In the security sector, for example, discreet and crystal-clear speech transmission can determine the success of operations. And so advanced communications technology is key for undercover investigations and state security; that is why Phonak’ miniaturized wireless earpieces are an indispensable component for many teams.

But quality is also indispensable in other segments, such as the media or service sector, where intelligibility and interference-free transmission are essential. Phonak’s communication solutions meet the highest requirements and set new standards worldwide in wireless speech transmission.

Covert communication

Clear speech transmission and a discreet appearance are essential in undercover security services investigations. Phonak’ in-ear receivers, such as the new Roger Covert 2.0 or the interference-free Profilo Nano in-ear receiver, provide exactly that. Because thanks to our miniaturized technology, these communication systems offer maximum discretion and optimal speech intelligibility.

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Media & entertainment

Our discreet communication systems, such as the Roger Earpiece, the smallest in-ear receiver of its kind, provide exactly the technology you need. Whether on stage, in live programs or on news broadcasts, these miniaturized communication solutions are invisible to the audience and can transmit a producer’s instructions or interview questions without distracting background noise.

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