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Roger Guide-U Transmitters (Tx)

    • Products

      1. Roger inspiro Guide-U

      Roger inspiro Guide-U gives an audience equipped with Guide-U receivers high quality access to the voice of a speaker or tour guide. Roger inspiro can send audio to both Roger and FM receivers. Two microphone options are available (shirt-worn or head-worn microphone). Built-in voice activity detection means that transmission only occurs when the guide speaks.

      2. Roger DynaMic

      Roger DynaMic is a pass-around microphone designed for Q&A and secondary presenter use.

      3. Roger AudioHub

      Roger AudioHub is a multimedia interface that allows up to two audio sources to be transmitted to any Roger/FM receivers in the room.Use Roger AudioHub to include external audio components to your tour.

      4. Roger WallPilot

      The Roger WallPilot is an automatic network connector. This wall-mounted device automatically connects Roger receivers to the room’s network when people enter the room and pass the Roger WallPilot. No button to press.

    • Technical

      Roger technology

      Transmission2.4 GHz incl. adaptive automatic frequency hopping
      Audio bandwidth 100 Hz – 7.3 kHz

      1. Roger inspiro Guide-U (primary transmitter)

      Simultaneous transmission to Roger and Dynamic FM receivers
      Rangeup to 40 meters  depending on surroundings
      3.5 mm socket
      BatteryLi-Pol rechargeable (operating time approx. 12 h)
      Dimensions83 x 56 x 24 mm
      Weight69 g

      2. Roger DynaMic (passaround microphone)

      Simultaneous transmission to Roger and Dynamic FM receivers
      Batteryrechargeable Li-Pol
      Dimensions210 x 32 mm
      Weight110 g

      3. Roger AudioHub (multimedia interface)

      TransmissionSimultaneous transmission to Roger and Dynamic FM receivers
      2 x 3.5mm socket
      Power inputMini-USB
      Charging slot Mini-USB slot for charging Roger Inspiro Guide-U
      Dimensions90 x 90 x 20 mm

      4. Roger WallPilot (automatic network connector)

      UsageWall-mounted (plugged into power outlet) or on table (battery powered) 
      Dimensions96 x 80 x 42 mm