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Roger Guide-U Receivers (Rx)

    • Products

      1. Roger Receiver Guide-U

      Roger Receiver Guide-U (with lanyard) brings unsurpassed speech clarity to any person participating to a guided tour. Roger Receiver Guide-U is compatible with all Roger Guide-U transmitters, such as Roger inspiro Guide-U, Roger DynaMic or Roger AudioHub.

      2. Roger MyLink Guide-U

      Roger MyLink Guide-U is a receiver with inductive neckloop  intended for use by guests who wear hearing aids, cochlear implants or BAHAs featuring a telecoil.

      3. Roger DigiMaster X

      Roger DigiMaster X is a receiver that upgrades any existing room amplification system with Roger Dynamic SoundField sound performance. Roger DigiMaster X simply connects to the existing amplifier's analog audio input.

      4. Roger DigiMaster 5000/7000

      Roger DigiMaster 5000/7000 are Dynamic SoundField loudspeakers with integrated Roger receivers . They deliver ultimate sound performance for rooms of 100m2/300m2

    • Technical

      Roger technology


      2.4 GHz incl. adaptive automatic frequency hopping

      Audio bandwidth 100 Hz – 7.3 kHz

      1. Roger Receiver Guide-U

      Headphone socket2.5 mm
      Batteryrechargeable Li-Pol (operating time approx. 10 h)
      Dimensions66 x 29 x 12 mm
      Weight20 g (without lanyard)

      2. Roger MyLink Guide-U (barrier free receiver)

      Inductive audio bandwidth100 Hz – 5.5 kHz
      Magnetic field strength1.25 A/m 150 mm above central loop
      Battery rechargeable Li-Pol (operating time approx. 10 h)
      Dimensions66 x 29 x 12mm

      3. Roger DigiMaster X

      Power inputMini-USB

      Charging slot

      Mini-USB slot for charging Roger Inspiro Guide-U
      Dimensions90 x 90 x 20mm

      4. Roger DigiMaster 5000/7000

      Line-source configuration
      12/15 high-quality loudspeakers
      Suited for rooms sizes100/300m2
      Audio-in socket3.5 mm
      Audio bandwidth200Hz - 15kHz
      Power supply19V (60W)
      Dimensions885/1045 x 72 mm