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      guide-U audio tour guide system

      Built on Phonak’s celebrated Dynamic Speech Extractor technology, guide-U ensures visitors receive crystal-clear sound quality, even in noisy factory environments.

      The guide-U audio tour guide system features one primary speech transmitter, used by the human tour guide, and sets of comfortable receiver headphones that are worn by visiting guests. Secondary speaker or guest transmitters are also available.

      Choose from a range of transmitters, receivers, headphones and accompanying accessories. These include: a receiver for users with hearing loss; a handy passaround microphone (DynaMic) for full tour group interaction; and a public area transmitter (the TX300V) that allows permanent installation of guide-U in public venues like theatres and houses of worship.

      • Leading sound performance
      • Light weight and elegant design
      • Highly configurable system options (see Transmitters & Microphones above)
      • Full group interactivity with optional passaround microphone
      • Multiple tour groups in one area (no interference)

      Information is also available from our partner Espro Acoustiguide Group.

    • Transmitters

      The guide-U tour guide system offers several transmitter options:


      This light and high-performance bodyworn transmitter is available with either our EasyBoom (face-worn) or iLapel (collar-worn) microphone.


      A simple yet effective handheld / neck-loop transmitter with built-in hypercardioid microphone.


      Our high-performance handheld / neck-loop transmitter with three built-in microphone modes and Bluetooth connectivity.


      This fixed-installation 9.5” transmitter is ideal for use in public venues such as theatres and houses of worship.


      A handy passaround mic designed for Q&A and secondary presenter use.

    • Microphones

      Two guide-U microphones are available for the tour guide to wear:


      A comfortable, high-performance head-worn mic.


      iLapel is a simple, clip-on shirt microphone.

      For the best sound performance, choose EasyBoom. For increased simplicity and flexibility, choose iLapel.

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