<p>Primero DPC+</p>

Gehörschutz und Kommunikation

Primero DPC+

Phonak’s Primero DPC+ ensures convenient communication even in extremely noisy environments. The groundbreaking, level-dependent radio headset provides dynamic hearing protection for use in very noisy environments. Newly integrated: Plus-Level Technology (+) for maximum hearing comfort.

Instead of a boom microphone, Primero DPC+ employs a miniature microphone built into the earJack and an innovative signal processing algorithm that picks up the user’s voice from inside the auditory canal. The result? The user can have a normal radio communication even in noise environments of up to 115 dB (comparable to the level of a rock concert).

Thanks to Primero DPC+’s noise-level-dependent attenuation, the user is protected according to the current noise level in the environment. This guarantees natural hearing at quieter times as well.

  • High-noise headset with level-dependent protection
  • Automatic attenuation of all harmful noises including 'impulse' noises (e.g. shots)
  • Transmits only speech signals, not ambient noises
  • Natural hearing in quiet environments (with adjustable volume for ambient noise)
  • Custom-molded eShells
  • Fully modular (simply click out eShells and use with another Phonak Serenity System)