Content - Condor FAQ - Answers About Our Condor Intercom Radio System

What radio frequency does Condor operate on?

Condor operates on a license-free frequency band, which varies depending on the country in question. Please contact your local Phonak supplier for further details.

What type of encryption does the Condor radio intercom use?

Condor uses a proprietary form of encryption.

Can more than one Condor team operate in the same area?

Yes! Condor teams can choose one of three channels, therefore up to three small teams can operate in the same area.

What is Condor’s operating range?

In open-field situations Condor’s full operating range is up to 800m (2624 feet or half a mile).

This range depends on the presence of (or lack of) radio-affecting obstacles such as concrete walls, steel and reflective surfaces.

Can this operating range be expanded by increasing Condor’s output power?

No. As Condor is a license-free radio intercom system its transmission power is limited and cannot be increased.

Can I connect other professional radios to the Condor intercom system to enhance its range?

Yes, you can connect one Condor device to another radio system, but please be aware that in this case Condor’s secure encryption cannot be applied.

What channel is it best to use – channel 1, 2 or 3?

This largely depends on your location and what, if any, other radio activity exists in the area. We recommend trying all three channels to learn the most suitable channel for your particular location. This should be tested after synchronizing and encrypting your team’s Condor devices.

Do I have to use a headset with Condor?

Yes, you must use a headset with the Condor radio intercom system. 

There are three headsets available: ComCom (for overt communication), Profilo (covert) and Serenity DPC+ (level-dependent hearing protection with communication). See the Systems tab of this Condor intercom page for more details.

Can Condor be connected to a recording device?

Yes. For further details on how, please contact us.