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Serenity SP

    • Product

      Serenity SP custom molded ear protection

      Serenity SP is a fully modular, static (passive) hearing protection system. 

      Comfortable to wear the whole day yet robust enough for heavy industrial use, Serenity SP offers multiple attenuation (noise reduction) filters for use in environments with different noise levels. 

      Thanks to its modularity, users can exchange Serenity SP for any other Serenity system (except Classic). Simply click out the system's customized eShells to add communication functionality (Serenity SPC), dynamic hearing protection (Serenity DP+) or both (Serenity DPC+).

      • Custom molded ear protection
      • Static-level (passive) noise attenuation
      • Different acoustic filters available for customizable protection
      • Phonak SafetyMeter compatible.
    • Technical

      A closer look at Serenity SP's technical specifications.

      10 g / 0.35 oz
      Markingunique user ID on each eShell
      eShellscustom-molded clinical nylon
      Attenuation filter: (white, 110WH)

      +28 dB SNR / 27 NRR
      low-frequency attenuation value: 20 dB
      medium-frequency: 24 dB
      high-frequency: 31 dB

      Attenuation filter: (orange, 105OR)+24 dB SNR
      low-frequency attenuation value: 17 dB
      medium-frequency: 20 dB
      high-frequency: 26 dB
      Attenuation filter: (yellow, 100YE)+25 dB SNR
      low-frequency attenuation value: 16 dB
      medium-frequency:22 dB
      high-frequency: attenuation value: 30 dB
      ComplianceEU directive 89/686/EEC
      Accessoriessilicone cord with safety breaks
      attachment clip
      carry case
      metal detection (optional)
    • eShells

      Phonak eShells

      ‘eShells’ are Phonak’s custom-molded in-ear shells. Offering the best hearing protection for full-time workers who operate in noisy environments, eShells are durable hollow molds made from clinical nylon.

      They are produced using a computerized 3D version of the user’s individual ear impression, which is taken beforehand by a hearing technician (a process that takes just 5 minutes).

      When a Serenity or Primero DPC+ system’s earJack is clicked into an eShell, the ear is instantly and fully sealed. Only sounds that have then been attenuated (reduced) by the user’s Phonak system reach the ear drum; protecting the user from dangerous noise throughout the day.

      • 100% individualized hearing protection
      • Perfect in-ear fit
      • Highly robust & machine washable 
      • Quick and cost-efficient reproduction
      • Easy to maintain and assess using SafetyMeter.