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Primero DPC+

    • Product

      Primero DPC+ high noise headset

      Primero DPC+ is Phonak’s breakthrough radio headset with dynamic (active) level-dependent hearing protection, for use in the very loudest environments. Now featuring plus-level (+) technology for enhanced listening comfort.

      Instead of featuring a face-worn boom microphone, Primero DPC+ employs a miniature microphone (situated within its ear shell's earJack component) and an innovative signal processing algorithm that together pick up the user’s voice from inside the ear canal.

      The result? The system can operate effectively in noise of up to 115dB (the same level as the loudest rock concert), while ensuring that the surrounding sound is never sent to the radio listener.

      Thanks to Primero DPC+’s level-dependent attenuation (in-ear noise reduction), the user's ears are only protected when sound levels reach dangerous levels, allowing natural directional hearing at quieter times.

      • High noise headset with level-dependent protection
      • Automatic attenuation of dangerous sounds including 'impulse' noises (i.e. shots and crashes)
      • Transmission of speech, not surrounding noise
      • Natural hearing at quiet times (with adjustable ambient volume)
      • Custom-molded in-ear eShells (generic version also available)
      • Fully modular (click out eShells to swap between Phonak Serenity systems)

      Primero DPC+ – extreme noise, natural communication.

    • Technical

      A closer look at Primero DPC+’s technical specifications.

      Maximum volume of in-ear speaker (no radio signal)
      82(+/-2) dB(A) free field equivalent
      Volume control range of ambient sound (8 levels)-15 dB to +6 dB(A) vs. natural hearing
      Maximum volume of in-ear speaker (with radio signal)91(+/-2) dB(A) free field equivalent
      Maximum surrounding noise level for voice pick-up operation115(+/-2) dB(A) free field equivalent
      Power supply
      radio or internal LR03 (AAA) battery
      Radio supply voltage3.3 V - 24 V
      Battery life200 h (system not connected to a radio)
      System weight90 g / 3.17 oz
      Operating temperature range-20°C to +60°C
      Housing IP rating IP54
      Cable pull force50N
      Connector open force8 - 16 N, 4000 cycles
      Neck cord snapper opening force 
      12 - 25 N, 4000 cycles
      StandardsEN 352-7/EN 352-2/EN 55022/EN 55024
      Radio connectorsavailable for most professional radios
    • eShells

      Phonak eShells

      ‘eShells’ are Phonak’s custom-molded in-ear shells. Offering the best hearing protection for full-time workers who operate in noisy environments, eShells are durable hollow molds made from clinical nylon.

      They are produced using a computerized 3D version of the user’s individual ear impression, which is taken beforehand by a hearing technician (a process that takes just 5 minutes).

      When a Serenity or Primero DPC+ system’s earJack is clicked into an eShell (see above left), the ear is instantly and fully sealed. Only sounds that have then been attenuated (reduced) by the user’s Phonak system reach the ear drum; protecting the user from dangerous noise throughout the day.

      • 100% individualized hearing protection
      • Perfect in-ear fit
      • Highly robust & machine washable 
      • Quick and cost-efficient reproduction
      • Easy to maintain and assess using SafetyMeter

      Generic ear shells are also available. These one-size-fits-all versions are ideal for temporary or part-time use. Contact us for more details.