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Stay protected against gun shot sounds

Tibor talks hearing protection for hunters - Serenity DP by Phonak

Once damaged, hearing can never be restored, so with gun shot sounds sometimes reaching levels of 150 decibels (dB), hearing protection for hunters and shooters is crucial.

Which is the best type of hearing protection for shooting? 

Whether you are a recreational or a competitive shooter, you need a flexible, proven protection system that does one of two things: 

  • Dampens all dangerous gun shot sounds to a safe in-ear level 
  • Or if you enjoy chatting with others at the range... intelligently and instantly adapts its protection level to suit the sounds around you (i.e. dampening or 'attenuating' the sounds of shots to a safe level but removing this dampening when no shooting is taking place).  

Serenity SP and Serenity DP+ by Phonak offer exactly these two types of protection.

Which is the best type of hearing protection for hunters? 

What hunters most require from their hearing protection is ‘normal’ hearing. In other words, the kind of ambient awareness that allows you to hear a buck rustling nearby leaves, or the flapping of wings as your airborne prey tries to make its escape. 

Phonak’s Serenity DP+ system is a discrete, day-long earcare solution that offers truly flexible protection; dampening shots to a safe level when you shoot and amplifying useful low-level sounds when you don’t. 

FREE GUIDE: Practical recommendations for shooters and hunters 

The use of hearing protection against continuous loud noise – which you might be exposed to in a factory or airport say - is subject to very clear rules and laws that are widely understood and followed. 

However the situation is much less clear when it comes to protecting your hearing against so-called ‘impulse noises’ (very short noises such as gun shot sounds). 

At Phonak Communications, having worked with shooters and hunters right across Europe, we are very much aware of this ‘guidance gap’ and have produced a quick PDF guide to ‘impulse noise’ (gun shot sounds) protection for European hunters and shooters. Called ‘Practical recommendations for shooters and hunters’, this guide is designed to help you protect your hearing when shooting or hunting, whichever type of firearm you use. 

Click here to download ‘Practical Recommendations For Shooters and Hunters’