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Are Phonak headsets fully compatible with TETRA portable radios?

Yes, absolutely. All Phonak headsets, including Primero and our various radio-enabled Serenity hearing protection headsets, can be used with TETRA-based radio systems.

How do I fit Primero correctly?

Firstly, check whether your headset is marked Left or Right (there are 2 different earpiece versions available) and insert it carefully into the correct ear canal. Then bend the retention piece into the ‘concha’ ear section of your ear to secure Primero for use.

Can Primero still pick-up my voice if I whisper?

This varies widely between users and should be tested in advance.

How does the earpiece not fall out of the ear during movement?

The headset’s built-in retention piece (the semi-circular grey component) slots securely into the concha (central outer) section of the ear, providing excellent earpiece stability.

Does it hurt to wear Primero under a helmet or mask?

Not at all. The Primero radio headset is designed to be used under such safety equipment.

Can I use Primero with a cellphone?

Unfortunately not. Primero is not able to work in so-called ‘full-duplex’ mode and must therefore be used with a Push To Talk (PTT) button. (If you require a full-duplex small team communication system, try Condor.)

Can I operate Primero with a wireless PTT?

Yes, you can synchronize either of our two wireless PTTs (Covert/Tactical) with the Primero radio headset.

Can I buy a custom-molded Primero headset?

No, Primero is a one-size-fits-all earpiece. Customized versions are not available.

Will ComCom fall out of the ear if I move or run?

No, it always stays in place. In fact this is one of the reasons ComCom radio headsets are used by many soccer referees and other sports officials.

Does ComCom work in the rain?

ComCom is splash proof, so light rain does not affect its functionality.

Do I need to have custom-molded ear shells to use ComCom?

No. You can also use our quick-fit ‘generic’ ear shells. However for long-term reliable use, customized shells are highly recommended.

Do Phonak’s in-ear systems really offer as much protection against noise as traditional ear muffs and plugs?

Yes, absolutely. It is a common misperception that you need to wear something that covers all the ears, to receive effective protection against noise. Our hearing protection is fully certified and provides highly accurate, reliable protection.

Does it hurt to wear Phonak custom-molded eShells for a long period of time?

Not at all. Many Serenity users wear their eShells for 8 - 10 hours every day.

Do Phonak generic shells provide hearing protection or do I need customized eShells to ensure I am protected?

Generic ear shells also provide certified hearing protection, however our custom-molded ‘eShells’ are recommended for heavy and/or long-term use.

Can I alter the level of attenuation (sound dampening) I receive from my Phonak system?

Yes. In the case of Phonak’s passive protection systems (such as Serenity Classic/SP/SPC and FreeCom 5000), each system offers three acoustic filter options, with each filter offering a different degree of attenuation (see Technical tab on this page).

In contrast, Phonak’s dynamic level-dependent (somtimes called ‘active’) hearing protection systems automatically attenuate the surrounding noise, meaning you do not need to adjust a thing.

Do eShells break easily?

No, they are highly robust thanks to their being made from clinical nylon.

How do I clean my customized eShells?

Phonak eShells can be easily cleaned with water, alcohol, or even in the washing machine (up to 60°C / 140°F).