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    • Product

      ComCom headset with boom mic

      ComCom by Phonak is an ultra-light and highly comfortable communication headset providing excellent speech intelligibility and clear voice transmission in all situations. ComCom is available in several models for use with a wide range of communication devices (phones, radios, intercoms, etc.).

      Due to its modular construction ComCom can be worn with custom-molded or generic ear shells, in the left or right ear. There are no parts covering or hanging off the outer ear, meaning no pressure around the head or discomfort. ComCom fits securely inside the ear, providing total freedom of movement, without fear of losing the headset.

      • Long-lasting comfort
      • Excellent speech intelligibility
      • Crystal-clear sound
      • Total freedom
      • Connectors available for two-way radios, phones and select smartphones

      ComCom headset with boom mic - absolute comfort and crystal-clear communication guaranteed.

      Read / Download the Technical Data sheet.

    • Technical

      A closer look at the ComCom headset's technical specifications.

      Standard boom microphone (short arm)

      Microphone sensitivity-44 (±4) dB re. 1V/Pa at 1 kHz
      Microphone supply2.0V - 6.0V
      (1.3V - 4.0V with Earjack headset LIM Boom phone 2.5 / 3.5mm)
      Microphone typeElectret, noise canceling

      Close-talk boom microphone (long arm)

      Microphone sensitivity-38 (+/- 4) dB re. 1V/Pa at 1kHz near field (6mm)
      Microphone supply1.3V - 10V
      Microphone typeElectret, noise canceling, close-talk

      Common specifications

      Ear speaker sensitivity94 dBA @ 150 mVRMS
      Ear speaker impedance50 Ω DC, 100 Ω @ 1 kHz
      Maximum volume at ear speaker100 dB(SPL)
      Cable pull force50 N
      Operational temperature range-20°C to +60°C
      Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)EN 55022, EN 55024
    • eShells

      Phonak eShells

      ‘eShells’ are Phonak’s custom-molded in-ear shells. Offering the best hearing protection for full-time workers who operate in noisy environments, eShells are durable hollow molds made from clinical nylon.

      They are produced using a computerized 3D version of the user’s individual ear impression, which is taken beforehand by a hearing technician (a process that takes just 5 minutes).

      When a Serenity or Primero DPC+ system’s earJack is clicked into an eShell, the ear is instantly and fully sealed. Only sounds that have then been attenuated (reduced) by the user’s Phonak system reach the ear drum; protecting the user from dangerous noise throughout the day.

      • 100% individualized hearing protection
      • Perfect in-ear fit
      • Highly robust & machine washable 
      • Quick and cost-efficient reproduction
      • Easy to maintain and assess using SafetyMeter

      Generic ear shells are also available. These one-size-fits-all versions are ideal for temporary or part-time use. Contact us for more details.