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Phonak smartphone and two way radio headsets offer a winning mix of world class audio performance and day-long in-ear comfort. Whether you work for the Police, Emergency Services, in aviation or you simply want a hands-free headset that performs in every environment, a Phonak headset will more than meet your needs.

  • Standard

    ComCom is Phonak's hands-free smartphone and radio headset.


    ComCom Listen

  • Hearing Protection

    There is a Phonak hearing protection headset to suit every type of noise environment.

    Primero DPC+ is for use in the very loudest extreme noise. Serenity DPC+ is for users who work in fluctuating noise. Serenity SPC is for users who operate in constant loud noise. 

    Primero DPC+

    Serenity DPC+

    Serenity SPC