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FreeCom Reviews

Read what some of the world's leading aviation magazines and websites have to say about the FreeCom pilot headset.

LuftSport (Germany)

“The noise attention is excellent at all frequencies. Radio and passenger communication are excellent quality. And the quality of voice transmissions is also excellent.”
Klaus Fey, LuftSport (August / September 2013 issue), Germany
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aerokurier (Germany)

“The noise attenuation and in-flight understanding are surprising - both leave a very good impression. You quickly forget you are wearing something.”
Martin Schulz, Editor, aerokurier (August 2013 issue), Germany
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Cockpit (Switzerland)

“FreeCom 7000 surpasses anything that came before. It is perfect for demanding environments with different noise sources and offers great comfort during the entire flight.”
Max Ungricht, Editor in Chief, Cockpit magazine (January 2013 issue), Switzerland
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Aviation et Pilote (France)

“FreeCom’s electronic noise-leveling system is as effective as the best ANR systems and nicer to the ear. You have to try it to believe it!”
Aviation et Pilote (November 2012)
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Fliegermagazin (Germany)

“The Phonak’s in-ear shells are much more convenient than music earphones and the system’s noise reduction is excellent. Compared to restrictive traditional headsets, the FreeCom is a very good solution.”
Thomas Borchert, Editor in Chief, fliegermagazin (August 2012 issue), Germany
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