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FreeCom 3000



    • Product

      FreeCom 3000 pilot headset

      FreeCom 3000 is a single-ear pilot headset with face-worn boom mic.

      This ultra-light model features excellent speech intelligibility and crystal clear voice transmission, while its custom molded ear shells ensure a perfect in-ear fit and day-long comfort.

      (Note: unlike the FreeCom 7100, the 3000 does not offer any form of built-in hearing protection.)

      Suits: quieter flying environments where no noise protection is required, such as jet cockpits and gliders.

      • Excellent audio quality
      • All-day comfort
      • Custom molded ear shell
      • No sweating, itching or pressure around the head
    • Technical

      A closer look at the FreeCom 3000’s technical specifications.

      Single connectorsXLR-5 / U174/U
      Twin connectorsPJ055 / PJ068
      Microphone pattern
      Microphone max. sound pressure (@ 10% THD)120dBA
      Microphone frequency range500Hz – 4kHz
      Loudspeakerbalanced armature
      DC bias voltagedecoupled
      Max. loudspeaker sound pressure117dB
      Loudspeaker sensitivity650mV RMS @ 1Pa
      Loudspeaker current consumption2mA @ 1Pa
      Loudspeaker frequency range500Hz – 4.4kHz
      Impedance DCR378 Ω
      Power sourceaircraft audio panel (no batteries)
      Voltage4 - 20 V
      Weight15 g / 0.53 oz
      Storage temperature-20°C to +60°C
      Operational temperature-20°C to +60°C
    • How To Buy

      • To buy your FreeCom

        To find your nearest FreeCom dealer select a country and click on the dealer tab.

        No dealer in your country? Choose another country; most dealers can help you buy online or over the phone. (Dealer)
        Alekos Avgoustatos
        Wiesenweg 8
        5313 Klingnau, Switzerland
        Phone: +41 56 508 57 85
        Products: Aviation
        Swiss Aero Pro (Distributor)
        Alain Wagnières
        Aéropôle 132
        1530 Payerne, Switzerland
        Phone: +41 79 605 18 28
        Products: Aviation

        Your preferred dealer will send you the headset with generic ear-shells and a voucher for custom made ear-shells.

        To get your custom made ear-shells

        1. Take your ear-impressions at your nearest hearing care profesionnal . This takes 5-10 minutes. Take with you the Quality Check Guide document (supplied in the FreeCom box)
        2. Mail your ear-impressions and the Voucher (supplied in the FreeCom box) back to your FreeCom dealer using the packaging provided.
        3. You will receive your custom-made ear-shells back by mail (approx. 2 weeks).