Content - Accessories FAQ - Answers About Phonak PTT's, Batteries And More

How long does the battery of Phonak’s Covert Wireless PTT last?

Approximately 2 years, depending on daily usage.

How long does the battery of Phonak’s Tactical Wireless PTT last?

Around 10-12 months, depending on daily usage.

What is the range of these two wireless PTT’s?

Up to 2 meters (6.5 feet).

What if I lose my wireless PTT?

You can use the wired PTT button on your system’s electronic junction box until you have the chance to order/synchronize another wireless PTT.

Can another user use their wireless PTT to interfere with my communications?

No. Because you must synchronize your wireless PTT with the electronic junction box of your individual loop before operation, only your wireless PTT will work with your earpiece system.

How long is the ‘pairing window’ for programming a wireless PTT once the earpiece/headset has been connected to the radio and the radio turned On?

The ‘pairing window’ remains open for approximately 3 minutes. After your device has been paired, or the PTT is pressed, the pairing window automatically closes.

How can I avoid the Covert Wireless PTT from slipping back inside its casing?

Remove the cover.

Is it possible to pair more than one wireless PTT to a single wiring loop?

No. Only one Phonak wireless PTT can be paired and used with a single  wiring loop. As soon as a new wireless PTT is paired, the previous PTT will stop functioning.

How can I check the battery status of my PTT?

For the Covert Wireless PTT, simultaneously hold down the two outer buttons for around 3 seconds. If the LED is illuminated, the battery is fine. If the LED blinks, the battery should be replaced soon.

For the Tactical Wireless PTT, hold down the two + / - buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds. Again, if the LED is illuminated, the battery is fine. If it blinks, replace the battery.

How do I know when my earpiece’s battery is low?

Approximately 15 minutes before its battery dies you will hear a three-beep warning signal, advising you to change the battery.

Are Phonak batteries rechargeable?

No. Phonak A10 Zinc-Air batteries are designed to be used just once and then replaced.