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Bluetooth Cellphone Module

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      Bluetooth cellphone module for Profilo Nano

      This durable Bluetooth 2.0 interface by Imtradex enables Profilo Nano earpiece users to communicate discretely via cell- or smartphone.

      The module simply clips onto the belt and attaches to the HRS 12-pin connector of Profilo Nano’s wiring loop.

      This combined device approach is the only way undercover professionals can experience high-clarity phone calls via the world’s only zero-interference covert earpiece.

      This Imtradex Bluetooth module features:

      • 3 integrated buttons: On/Off, Accept/Reject Call, Push To Talk (activates Profilo Nano’s loop microphone)
      • Built-in rechargeable battery
      • Belt clip
      • HRS 12-pin connector

      Two wireless PTT buttons are also available:

      • The Bluetooth Wireless Button features a single PTT button (offers identical functionality to the wired module’s PTT button above).
      • The Bluetooth Wireless Switch features 2 buttons: one PTT, and a second button that activates full-duplex ‘talk and listen’ mode.

      Other optional extras include a car charger, accumulator pack and charging interface (to guarantee the module’s usability during charging).

      This product is available only in Europe.