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A full range of accessories are available for Phonak products - ranging from in-ear receiver batteries and cleaning products to our range of highly durable Push To Talk (PTT) buttons.

  • Carkit DM

    The encrypted wireless transmitter developed for vehicles engaged in covert communications.

    Carkit DM

  • Bluetooth Module

    This durable interface enables Profilo Nano earpiece users to enjoy interference-free communication via Bluetooth-enabled cell- or smartphone.

    Bluetooth Module

  • PTT Buttons

    Phonak Push To Talk (PTT) buttons are highly durable and built to perform. Choose from wired or wireless models to depending upon your likely usage.


  • Batteries

    Our proprietary Zinc-air batteries are highly recommended for use with Phonak in-ear receivers such as Phonito, Profilo Nano and invisity.


  • Cleaning/Fitting

    We offer several useful earpiece cleaning and fitting tools. (If in doubt about which to choose, please contact us for more information.)