Undercover missions redefined

The Roger™ Covert System is Phonak's revolutionary new product line for covert, mobile surveillance communication. Find out how the Roger Covert System redefines covert missions.


• A new, interference-free and highly secure digital standard
• Operates without a transmission loop or coil
• A powerful microphone, even in noisy environments
• An ultra-discreet earpiece

Phonak Communications, a world market leader in audio transmission systems, is proud to announce the launch of Roger Covert - a revolutionary new system for security professionals.

Roger Covert enables loop-free operation in surveillance missions for the first time, providing security forces with significantly more flexibility. Thanks to the latest microphone technology, transmissions can be heard even in noisy environments, or when whispered.

With its ergonomically designed, virtually invisible earpiece, a 12-hour battery life and a range of configuration options, Roger Covert provides security experts with a highly adaptable system for improving their surveillance capabilities.

Roger Covert verwendet Phonaks revolutionäre Roger-Technologie mit AES-128-Bit-Verschlüsselung, um ein störungsfreies, abhörsicheres Audio-Übertragungssystem mit höchster Verständlichkeit für Überwachungseinsätze bereitzustellen.

“Security forces have to cope with ever-increasing challenges in their work and Roger Covert helps them to rise to these. Roger Covert no longer needs induction loops, so that security forces have a wider choice of clothing, can move about more freely and so are less restricted in difficult situations. Combined with a highly-sensitive microphone and excellent audio transmission, we have developed the most powerful, most flexible and most secure system on the market today”, said Evert Dijkstra, CEO of Phonak Communications.

Phonak’s Roger technology uses a combination of state-of-the-art audio processing technology, adaptive, “frequency hopping” and other innovations to deliver a high-quality audio performance and maximum speech intelligibility. The miniature components employed for this purpose enable the use of extremely discreet audio receivers.

Phonak’s Roger Covert product series is available worldwide.

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