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Sports and Leisure

Fun is a serious business, whether flying a light aircraft, shooting targets or playing sport. A Phonak system will ensure communication problems and hearing loss never affect your results.

  • Shooting & Hunting

    Different shooters have different needs. Those at the range often want to reduce the level of all surrounding sounds, while hunters might demand complete situational awareness when stalking their prey. With Serenity SP and DP+ we have just the systems required.

    Intelligent hearing protection (Serenity)

  • Sports

    Our communication systems and accessories suit a wide range of sports applications, from ruling officials such as soccer referees to team training sessions and competitions.

    Hands-free headset (Comcom)

    Prompting earpiece (invisity)

    Full-duplex team intercom (Condor)

  • Motorcycling

    If you simply require comfortable in-ear noise reduction when you hit the road, try our custom-molded silicon ear plugs for unmatchable comfort.

    Custom-molded silicon ear plugs (Silemo Mini)