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Our wireless communication and hearing protection products suit numerous types of work environment. Simply choose the sector in which you work from the categories below to start learning which Phonak systems can help you communicate more effectively.

  • Security

    From police, state and border security to aviation and fire services, Phonak offers advanced radio headsets and hearing protection systems to suit every operation.

  • Industry

    Whatever your industry, we have a highly durable solution to enhance your communication and safeguard your hearing.

  • Aviation

    Super-comfortable in-ear pilot headsets and a full range of hearing protection systems for those who work on the tarmac.

  • Media & Services

    Do you require communication technology for use on-stage or on-air? With products such as invisity – the world’s only in-ear RF receiver – we have the systems to help. 

  • Sports & Leisure

    Fun is a serious business, whether you are shooting targets or playing sport. Our systems will ensure communication issues don’t affect your results. 

  • Tour Guiding

    Are you the visitor manager for a tourist attraction or large corporate site? Our guide-U system allows you to show guests around your facility without them missing a word.