Content - French TV station builds studio around Roger Earpiece

  • 05 Sep 2016

French TV station builds studio around Roger Earpiece

Just months after launch Roger Earpiece and the Roger Studio system are already seeing significant success, with a major French TV station using the digital communication platform from Phonak as standard in its new studio, among other customers across the industry.

The station’s sound technicians have been decade-long users of invisity, Phonak’s previous in-ear receiver, and found the device a must-have. When they first tested Roger Earpiece in June 2016, they were impressed by the new receiver’s ease of use, and the comfort and audio quality for the on-camera talent.

When planning its new studios, the station decided to integrate Roger technology from the start. The studio has now taken ownership of 25 Roger Earpiece units, along with 12 Roger BaseStations and eight Roger Touchscreen Mics, for use throughout its facilities.

The Roger Studio system allows an unlimited number of Roger Earpieces to be used, with multiple audio sources in the form of BaseStations or Touchscreen Mics. With one-press connect, the Roger Studio system can be configured in moments.

Roger Earpiece combines Phonak’s advanced digital audio technology with an ultra small, discreet form factor – making the receiver virtually invisible in front of cameras or audiences, without any belt packs or cables. And with a comfortable fit thanks to its tiny 1.3g weight, and hours of battery life, Roger Earpiece can be used all day.

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