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Phonak Communications AG

Phonak Communications AG was founded in Murten, Switzerland in 1992, and is the technology and market leader in the development, design, production and worldwide distribution of ultra-miniaturized wireless systems.

Our success to date can be attributed to how we have built upon Phonak’s already high level of hearing technology expertise, and combined this with our ongoing independent research and product development to create a full range of wireless communication and hearing protection systems that meet the needs of our customers, whatever their field of operation.

Phonak Communications’ systems range from dynamic hearing protection devices through to prompting earpieces, radio headsets and full covert communications systems. These solutions offer market-leading sound performance, optimum wearer comfort and the highest design quality, and have been successfully deployed across a wide range of vertical markets. Only Phonak Communications is able to offer such a unique combination of:

  • Hearing intelligence – our sister company Phonak has been producing hearing instruments since 1965 and is an industry-leading expert in advanced acoustics and hearing technology
  • Miniaturization expertise – our team has years of experience spent utilizing superior micro-electronics and micro-mechanics to produce ultra-miniaturized hearing and communications devices
  • Full system approach - our full breadth of product solutions, which includes earpieces, wiring systems, car kits, wireless PTT’s, radio adaptors software and more, allows us to offer fully scalable systems that operate perfectly ‘off the shelf’
  • Signal processing technology - our advanced signal processing technology ensures our customers only hear the sounds they want to hear. 

Professional Communication for Challenging Environments 

Our exclusive combination of industry-leading knowledge and technical expertise is why Phonak Communications systems are used around the world in situations where lives depend upon the reliability and acoustic performance of such equipment, even in the most extreme of conditions.

When it comes to intelligence, security and surveillance operations, the unparalleled discretion and effectiveness of our systems is an indispensable end-user benefit.

Ensuring Your Show 

Our systems are the solution of choice for television and film studios that require 100% reliable, flexible, simple-to-use products, ensuring live broadcasts go without a hitch.

Intelligent Hearing Protection 

We are the only company in the hearing protection market with comprehensive competence and experience in hearing acoustics, advanced digital signal processing and wireless technology, meaning we can guarantee the user’s hearing whatever the noise level.

Phonak Communications AG is part of Sonova Group.

Phonak FM & Dynamic SoundField

In addition to supplying miniaturized wireless systems to sectors such as security, broadcast, heavy industry and more, Phonak Communications AG is the competence center within Sonova for the development and production of advanced wireless communication systems for people with hearing loss (also known as FM systems). We are also the developers of Dynamic SoundField, a new intelligent classroom amplification system for the education and corporate sectors.

For more information on Phonak FM systems, visit this page. To learn more about Dynamic SoundField, visit this page.