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Phonito Intra

    • Product

      Phonito Intra inductive earpiece

      Phonito Intra is a globally trusted inductive receiver for professional undercover use. 

      Compatible with almost all 2-way radios and walkie talkie systems, this tiny inductive earpiece is comfortable to wear all day long and 100% discrete.

      It features an innovative wax guard system for quick and easy maintenance, and fits completely into the ear canal of either ear.

      Additional features include:

      • Comfortable ergonomic shape
      • Loudness filter
      • Automatic squelch circuit
      • Battery end-of-life warning
      • Discrete black earpiece pouch
      • Compatible with all inductive loop systems.

      Phonito Intra's wiring kits are compatible with most professional radios including the latest Motorola, Sepura and Hytera TETRA models. A special connector is also available for Phonak’s Bluetooth (BT) module, enabling Phonito Intra to be used with BT-enabled communication terminals.

    • Technical

      A closer look at Phonito Intra’s technical specifications.

      Max. volume (adjustable up from 100 dB)
      110 dB SPL
      Average audio output for typical use @1 kHz
      101 dB SPL
      Frequency range 300 Hz – 5 kHz
      Distortion< 2%
      Signal to noise ratio @2 kHz> 50 dB
      Attack time10 msec
      Release time1.8 sec
      Weight (inc. battery)
      1.3 g
      Article number101-2200
    • Wiring

      Phonito Intra is available with 3 covert wiring kits:

      Cobra kit

      This high-performance single-wire covert kit is quick to install and offers total discretion in mission-critical situations.

      • Handheld waterproof wireless PTT
      • Inductive loop with integrated microphone
      • In-line junction box PTT
      • Wide choice of radio/walkie-talkie connectors
      • Additional features: tone board functionality and mute function.

      Spyder LM kit

      This professional two-wire inductive kit provides high speech transmission quality.

      • Single inductive loop with integrated microphone
      • Separate durable 2-key PTT and junction box.
      • Wide choice of radio/walkie-talkie connectors

      3-wire kit

      This traditional covert kit is our most customizable wiring system. Perfect for fitting inside a covert vest, it features:

      • Wired loop
      • Wired microphone
      • Wired PTT
      • Wide choice of radio/walkie-talkie connectors.