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FreeCom 7100

    • Product

      FreeCom 7100 pilot headset

      FreeCom 7100 is a professional in-ear pilot headset with boom microphone.

      Designed for pilots who demand the very best money can buy, FreeCom 7100 features: ‘dynamic’ (active) level-dependent noise reduction (attenuation), adjustable ambient awareness, excellent speech intelligibility and crystal-clear voice transmission.

      With its natural hearing approach, FreeCom 7100 allows the quick localization of sounds and is perfect for challenging varied-noise environments.

      Suits: any flying situation (quiet or loud) in which natural hearing is required.

      • Dynamic (active) hearing protection
      • Natural hearing in quiet
      • Custom molded ear shells (usable with FreeCom 3000 aviation headset)
      • No sweating, itching or pressure around the head

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    • Technical

      A closer look at the FreeCom 7100’s technical specifications.

      Single connectorsXLR-5 / U174/U
      Twin connectorsPJ055 / PJ068
      Passive attenuationSNR = 24 dB (electronic attenuation switched Off)
      Level-dependent attenuation: criteria levels (noise exposure at which in-ear sound pressure first exceeds 85 dBA)High-frequency noise: 108 dB
      Medium-frequency: 105 dB
      Low-frequency: 99 dB
      Microphone pattern
      Microphone max. sound pressure (@ 10% THD)120dBA
      Microphone frequency range500Hz – 4kHz
      Loudspeakerbalanced armature
      DC bias voltagedecoupled
      Max. loudspeaker sound pressure117dB
      Loudspeaker sensitivity650mV RMS @ 1Pa
      Loudspeaker current consumption2mA @ 1Pa
      Loudspeaker frequency range500Hz – 4.4kHz
      Impedance DCR378 Ω
      Power sourcesCommunication: aircraft audio panel (no batteries)
      Dynamic hearing protection & ambient awareness: x1 AAA battery
      Voltage4 - 20 V
      Weight75 g  / 2.64 oz
      Storage temperature-20°C to +60°C
      Operational temperature-20°C to +60°C
    • How To Buy

      To buy FreeCom 7100

      Find your nearest FreeCom dealer:

      No dealer in your country? Choose another country; most dealers can help you buy online or over the phone.

      To get your custom eShells

      1. Take the Voucher and Quality Check Guide documents (supplied in the FreeCom box) to your nearest hearing care profesionnal and ask him/her to take your ear impressions (this takes 5-10 minutes). Find your nearest professional here.

      2. Mail your ear impressions back to your FreeCom dealer using the packaging provided.

      3. When your shells are ready  (1-2 weeks) your dealer will contact you directly.

      Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a mail.