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Phonak’s devices are regulated by government agencies, healthcare authorities, and other regulatory bodies worldwide. These organizations verify that throughout the life cycle of our products we are fulfilling the requirements of applicable health and safety regulations. We are committed to maintaining transparent, constructive, and professional relationships with all applicable regulatory authorities on policy, product submissions, compliance, and product performance. Find here the full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity.


CE Certificate
missing > CE Certificate (pdf)
RED Declaration of Conformity
Roger Covert C (pdf)
Roger Covert Dual C (pdf) 
Roger Covert RCU C (pdf)
Roger Earpiece C (pdf)
Profilo NANO AC DM (pdf)
Roger BaseStation (pdf)
Roger Earpiece (pdf)
Roger Repeater (pdf)
Roger Touchscreen Mic (pdf)
Invisity (pdf)
Declaration of Conformity 
Profilo CarKit (pdf)
Phonito NANO (pdf) 
Transmitter TX-300V (pdf)
Serenity SPC range (pdf)
Serenity DPC range (pdf)
SafetyMeter (pdf)
ComCom (pdf)
ComCom with In-Line PTT8 (pdf)
Condor (pdf)
Condor and ComCom with MicMute PTT (pdf)
Primero (pdf)
Primero System AC Speaker MicDoC (pdf)
Silemo mini (pdf)